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Help keep our hospital clean

One of our main priorities at Mengo Hospital is to prevent and control infections by promoting good hygiene throughout the Hospital. Here we explain how you can play your part and help us to keep our hospital clean, whether you are a patient or a visitor.

Mengo hospital has placed colour coded functional waste bins with bin liners in on all wards and other service delivery points both indoor and outdoor. The colour codes are meant to guide the clients and staff on waste segregation. The purpose of waste segregation is meant to protect those disposing it off from injury and hospital acquired Infections.

BROWN     -Pharmaceutical Waste.

RED            – Highly infectious waste.

YELLOW    -Infectious Waste

BLACK– Non-infectious Waste.

At Mengo Hospital we have an Infection Prevention control (IPC) team on ground to monitor the effective utilisation of this facility, alongside a hired cleaning company that ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness across the hospital.

#MengoCares for the safety of the environment.