As part of the efforts to reduce morbility and mortality among mothers and infants who were dying in big numbers due to pregnancy and child birth problems, Sir. Dr. Albert COok and his wife started the first ever formal enrolled midwifery training school at Mengo Hospital in 1917.

Later on in 1920 they started the certificate nurse training course basically to reduce morbility and mortality related to epidemics of sleeping sickness and the other tropical diseases which were highly prevalent at that time.

Starting from 1920, the male nurses that were observed to tbe competent were given opportunities to train as medical doctors at Makerere College.

In 1976 the Mengo School of Nursing and Midwifery upgraded the midwifery training course to the registered level, and four years later did the same to the enrolled nursing course upgrading it to the registered level being extension courses and lasting for 18 months each.

The Entry requirements to the two and a half years enrolled level course are : ‘O’ level passes in English, Maths , Biology , Chemistry and physics.

A course in enrolled Comprehensive Nursing was started in November(2006). This cadre will cover more details the community health needs.


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