The hospital comprises of both private and general wards, the private wards are located in Sir Albert Cook building while the general ones are located elsewhere.

Margaret Bond for females, Roy Billington for males, Annie Walker West for both female and male and Annie Walker -East is the private Maternity.

The general wards include Mpeereza Maternity, Luke for males, Catherine for females and Nassolo which has private and general rooms.

The long-term plan is to acquire funding to put separate infrastructure for the medical and the surgical departments for easier management and administration, in total all our wards comprise of 350 beds.
The Wards include:


  • Margaret Bond – Female
  • Roy Billington – Male
  • Annie Walker East – Maternity
  • Annie Walker West – Self contained


  • Luke – Male
  • Catherine – Female
  • Mpereza – Maternity
  • Nassolo Children’s

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