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Employee Recognition Programme & Staff Support

Delivering outstanding patient care could not happen without the passion, commitment, and determination of the team of Our Health care professionals. So, to recognise and celebrate our staff, we run annual award schemes basing on Mengo Hospital’s core values that are Christ Centred, Excellence, Professionalism, Caring, Innovation, Integrity, Accountability and Safety Consciousness. These make a real difference to our Clients.

The employee recognition programme celebrates the very best achievements and successes of our staff. We also give Long Service Awards to people who achieve the fantastic milestone of 25 or 40-years of dedicated service.

Staff Support

Mengo Hospital would not exist without its staff, so we take great care and look after every individual, in every role, in every department.

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities we aim to employ a workforce that is as representative as possible of the diverse population we serve, and have developed non-discriminatory recruitment, promotion and disciplinary procedures and policies to reflect this. Staff welfare is paramount in Mengo Hospital. Mengo Hospital has also got a staff Savings and Credit Cooperative organisation (SACCO) called Namirembe Hospital Staff SACCO. This was named after Namirembe Hill on which the Hospital seats. This SACCO facilitates and improves staff welfare.

When you join us, you can take advantage of our orientation program which gives the option to have a workplace mentor for your first few months here, to help you settle in more quickly.

We want you to be able to achieve your career goals with us, so we offer a wide range of professional development and capacity building  opportunities.

We also provide full occupational health services to help support your health and well being.

And because our success is visible, thanks to the work of our staff, we run an employee recognition program to recognize and celebrate employees who have made a real difference. #MengoCares.