Eye Clinic

The Eye Department at Mengo Hospital is among the most outstanding ones, offering high quality professional diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases to its clientele. This is due to the highly trained and experienced staff, coupled with the availability of modern equipment. The Department has come a long way, and has been assisted by Friends of Mengo Canada and USA, in terms of staff training and securing modern equipment.
“EYE” As it is popularly referred to at Mengo Hospital, caters for all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race or religious affiliation. Services include General and Private Outpatient Clinics where treatment of all common types of eye conditions is undertaken.
The Paedriatic Clinic provides a wide range of children’s eye care; the Optical Unit caters for all types of Spectacles and Contact lenses, and a modern Theatre where various eye surgeries are carried out. The Low Vision Clinic provides low vision therapy and devices, and the department has eye medicines for various eye conditions, including quality Eye Drops.
The Eye Department operates five days a week; Monday to Friday from 8.a.m to 5 p.m. General clinics are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is for Private Clinics between 8.a.m. and 3.p.m. strictly. Individuals who wish to access On-Appointment Only Private Clinic can do so from Monday to Friday.


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