The Diagnostic Laboratory

Mengo Hospital Laboratory is as old as the hospital itself having been established by Sir. Albert Cook in 1897.

The journey to refurbish the laboratory to its current status started way back in 1990. Before 1990, major departments such as Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry were not established. Today, the laboratory now boast of a wide range of modern equipments such as Sysmex for Haematological analysis, Cobas Integra for Clinical Chemistry assays, mini VIDAS and Elecys 2010 for immunology assays, Minicup for haemoglobin and protein electrophoresis, Fuchs Calibur for CD4 tests, among others.

Soon in the near future, the department intends to install Vitex machine for automatic cultural and antibiogram determinations. The Laboratory ensures that quality results are released.

As part of quality assurance control, our laboratory is registered with United Kingdom National External Quality Assurance Scheme (UK NEQAS) and participates in Haematology, Blood Transfusion and CD4 External Quality Assurance Scheme.

The Training School

Mengo Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Technology was established in 1992 with three (3) students as pioneers. By then, the training was in collaboration with Nsambya School of Medical Laboratory Technology. Today, there are not less than 200 students at any one time.

More than 500 students have so far graduated at this school as Laboratory Assistants and Technicians. Because of increasing demands of students wanting to study at this school, a lot of pressure has been created on the school in the areas of infrastructure.

Given that the school has been in existence for almost 21 years now, the future plan is to establish training at degree levels which is the most critical cadre in demand at the National and internal levels, given that research has become a key issue in the health sector.