Tell us what you think

Talk to us

You probably have read through our Client Services Charter. Our staff will do whatever they can to ensure you receive treatment of the highest standard. But you may be unhappy with your treatment and want to let us know.
Here we explain how to talk to us or make a complaint and the steps we will take to resolve it as quickly and fully as possible. We treat every complaint seriously and making one will not affect your future care or treatment at Mengo Hospital.

Talking it through

If you have concerns about any aspect of our service, please approach a member of staff in the department or ward and they will try to put things right as soon as they can. If you are on a ward, the best person to speak to is the ward manager or senior nurse on duty. If you are an outpatient, you can ask for help at reception when you attend your appointment.

What if I am not satisfied

You can contact the Client Support Centre using the contact log box provided for on this website. It may be able to help resolve problems or provide useful information.
The Client office is open 24 Hours every day. It is on the ground floor of Albert Cook Building, inside the main entrance. Ask at the help desk for directions.

Making a formal complaint

If the Client Service team cannot deal with your concerns or you want to make a complaint, you can do this in the following ways:
1. Call the administration office on 0777013461, 0777834362, 0777895988, 0756507476, 0756506968
2. Complete this online form –
3. Email on
4. Write a letter to the Administration Office.
The postal address is: P.O. Box 7161, Kampala, Uganda
So we can process your complaint letter or email, it would be helpful if you could include:
• Your full personal and contact details such as date of birth, address, phone number(s) and patient hospital number
• A full description of your concerns. Please state dates, locations and name(s) of staff involved, where possible. If you are raising more than one concern, it is useful to number each of the different points you are making. This helps us to make sure we answer all of your concerns.
• What your expectations are and how we can resolve your complaint.
• If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we may need to get their authorization confirming that they have given permission for us to provide you with details of their care. We will send you a form to complete.

After you have made a complaint

We will acknowledge formal complaints within three working days. We will carry out a full investigation which we normally aim to complete within 25 working days. But if your complaint is particularly complex or involves a number of different specialists or services, we will contact you to agree an alternative schedule.
If it is appropriate, and you agree, we can arrange for you to meet with the clinical teams involved in your care to discuss your concerns. We may also agree to ask an independent clinician to review the patient records and provide a report on the care we provided. The Medical Director sees every complaint made and will write to you once our investigation has finished.
If you are not satisfied with how we have dealt with your complaint, or if we cannot resolve your complaint, you have the right to appeal to the Committee for superior service (CSS) and ask for a review of your case.