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Nursing Department


The Nursing Division is the core team that offers Nursing care at Mengo Hospital.

This is the Head of the Nursing Division. She is a member of the Hospital Management Team. She wears a white uniform, head cap with a black belt. She wears a Mengo hospital badge indicative of a doubled registered nurse. (URN/URM).

Deputies the Principal Nursing officer. Her uniform is the same as that of the principal Nursing officer.

These head our different units that make up the departments within the hospital like maternity, general wards, theatres, and Eye department. They wear a white head cap and uniform with a forest green belt. If double registered will have a Mengo Hospital badge like that of the principal nursing officer or that of a diploma nurse/midwife.

These are senior nursing officer and have a background training of both Nursing and Midwifery. The hospital tradition demands that these wear a sky-blue belt or red belt in addition to white head cap and dress. These wear a Mengo hospital badge indicative of a doubled registered nurse.

These are nursing officers who have trained either in Nursing or midwifery. These wear a white uniform and head cap with a red belt if 5 or more years of service and yellow if below 5 years. This defines seniority in service. In addition, these wear a Mengo hospital badge indicative of a diploma nurse or midwife – traditionally branded as Uganda Registered Nurse of Midwife. (URN or URM)

  • The entire above cadre qualifies to be titled as Nursing Sister (Sr)
  • We have ward in – charges who may be double registered or single Registered Nurses/ Midwives. These in conjunction with the ward managers oversee the day to day operations of our units.

Are the junior officers either trained as nurses or midwives. These wear a white uniform with a red band at the edge of either of the sleeves and at the pockets. Midwives apply a plain red cap and belt while the nurses have a white stripe within their red cap and belt. They also have a Mengo hospital badge that defines their cadre. these are referred to as staff – Staff Nurse (SN) OR Staff Midwife (SM)

These work with and alongside the nurses and surgeons in our theatres. These wear a uniform like that of the certificate nurses and midwives however the band at the sleeves of the arms and pockets are green in colour. They apply a white belt.

These work with our teams as support for non- core nursing roles. They have a sky-blue dress having the same fashion as for certificate nurses; however, these do not wear a head cap.

We also have male nurses in our different cadres. These wear Kaunda suites that tally with the respective females’ uniforms by cadre. We all wear the boot shoes something which is an infection control measure and preferably black or brown for uniformity and ambience.

Our operations are basically guided by:

Strategic Direction II: Improving the quality of client management and strengthening the wellness and community Health programs that will lead to holistic health care provision and client satisfaction.

Overall Objective:  Improving quality of patient care and ensuring continuity of business in the clinical area.

Regarding the improvement of client management, emphasis has been put  on supervision and directing different nursing activities around the hospital all aimed at becoming a Centre of excellence in providing quality, holistic health care.

The Nursing Division is comprised of a variety of cadres of staff and these are mainly in the wards and clinics while others are positioned in specialized units like counselling, Eye, ICU, Theatres, and pharmacy. They are a diverse task force with different education levels ranging from master’s degree to certificate levels of education. These are supported by theatre assistant and Ward aides.  They engage in Continuous Professional Development something that not only enhances our patient care but also nourishes their health and wealth. This is done either on self-sponsorship where the hospital allows you time for study or sponsored by the Hospital and sister organizations like UPMB and MOH.

Nursing in Mengo hospital has hence undergone tremendous affirmative evolution both in expertise and human resource.

Our teams have been acknowledged for their exceptional commitment to providing the right care amidst several challenges. They work collaboratively with each other, the clinical teams and other hospital staffs as well as patients and their families.

  • She is the overall supervisor (headship) of the department of Nursing and midwifery
  • The principal Nursing officer directly supervises the Deputy Principal Nursing Officer, Ward Managers and Night Superintendents
  • She draws the departmental strategy, that is she is responsible for leading the process of strategy formulation by planning, forecasting, preparation, and approval of departmental business plans, workplans, and budgets in line with agreed direction for Mengo Hospital
  • Ensures effective development of departmental annual business plan, work plan & budget to enhance business operations
  • She is the chief advocate for all the nurses and midwives in Mengo Hospital.
  • She spearheads the mentorship and training of the nurse trainees during their clinical practice within the hospital.

We pride in the fact that we stand in the steps of great women like Katherine Cook and Margaret Bond. Notably amongst my predecessors are.

  1. Sr Kiyingi Joyce
  2. Sr Namubiru Edinace
  3. Sr Mukasa Egrance
  4. Sr Muwonge Joy Kaheru
  5. Sr Mutebi Eva
  6. Sr Zziwa Victoria
  7. Sr Sekalo Sarah

A noted strength is the presence of the School of Nursing and Midwifery. These greatly supplement our taskforce as they work alongside our teams during their clinical placements. They are also our main source for nurse or Midwife human resource. Therefore, majority of us were trained there.

As the hospital continues its way to excellence, we as well are on track with plans of training in critical care, geriatric, bed side nursing as well as other specializations like pediatrics and endoscopic nursing to ensure we offer better services to our clients. #MengoCares.

Sr. Kibuuka Kateregga Proscovia

Principal Nursing Officer