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Patient Privacy and Dignity

Please respect our limits on the number of visitors allowed at any one time: our patients need a peaceful and calm environment in which to recover and large numbers of visitors can be noisy and disruptive.


Morning: 6:30am to 8:00am

Evening4 :00pm to 6:00pm

Visitors that access the hospital during lunch hours are only allowed to bring in meals to the patients.

Our patients may be very sick and disabled and we often must transfer them around the hospital, to and from theatres and wards. So please give them priority when you are taking a lift, and use visitor rather than patient washrooms, where possible, to give patients more privacy and to cut the risk of cross-infection.

We would also appreciate it if you would help us to keep communal areas and entrances clean, including lifts and stairways.

If you need an interpreter or you know someone who does, please contact our Customer care team on ground in the clinics or ward that you are attending in advance so we can arrange the service you need.