The department ensures the availability at all times of safe, efficacious and cost effective medicines to our esteemed is practitioner focused and dedicated to the promotion of best practices and medication safety
The department understands that quality care needs to be convenient, consistent and cost effective for patients to advance in their recovery and to reduce avoidable readmissions. Therefore the pharmacy services provide a continuum of care that responds to the whole person, creates a valuable bridge in transitioning patients into the community
The department is headed by 2 qualified and experienced pharmacists. The pharmacists who are experts in the field of medicines are not only responsible for dispensing of prescriptions but also the purchase, manufacture and quality testing of all medicines used in the hospital .The department is well equipped with a wide range of medicines and other medical consumables .
The pharmacy department is organized as follows

General outpatientpharmacy. Located at the general out patients wing opposite the reception provides round the clock (24hours)service to both inpatients and outpatients on the general side/wing

Private out patients’pharmacy. Located in Sir Albert Cook building on the 2nd floor. Alsoprovides round the clock services to the private /cooperate out patients wing

Another pharmacy located in Sir Albert Cook building 3rd floor providing services to the cooperate/private inpatients from Monday to Saturday 8am till 5:30pm

Products and services offered by the department include

Wide range of both branded and generic medicines

Prescription filling and re filling

Patient medication education and counseling

Small scale production and manufacture of eye drops, hypertonic saline and other preparations

The department has a team of 25dedicated, hardworking qualified and experienced dispensers.
The department works closely with the medical and nursing staff to ensure that patient medication regimens are optimized.