Security & Parking

Security at Mengo

Mengo Hospital has its own Security Department that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help make your visit secure. We continue to invest in security equipment such as CCTV cameras and alarms systems, all of which are monitored in the Security Control Room.

Our security staff wear the Hospital’s uniform and their main role is to patrol the hospital and the grounds. They use electronic equipment such as access control systems to help them provide a secure environment for patients, visitors and staff.

We take your security seriously

We lock departments and wards when they are not in use or outside of visiting hours.

Some areas, such as the maternity and children’s wards, are locked at all times. You will need authorization to enter.

All Mengo Hospital’s staff wear an identity card, which should be visible at all times, where practical.

What you can do to help keep Mengo safe

  • Only bring essential items into the hospital
  • Protect your personal belongings
  • Confirm the identity of staff not wearing an ID card
  • Not give access to strangers through secure doors
  • Report all suspicious incidents to staff

How patients staying in hospital can keep safe

We do not have lockable bedside cabinets for patients on the wards. When leaving your bed area unattended, please bring valuables with you. You may want to use a neck wallet or money pouch, you will be required to carry one along.

Respect for staff

Our staff are here to help you so we expect you to treat them with respect. Any violence or abuse directed at Mengo Hospital staff by patients, relatives or members of the public is unacceptable.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy against violence or abuse.

Police liaison

Mengo police constable ……..xxxx is Mengo Police Liaison Officer, supporting the hospital’s in-house security team and working with them to help create a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors.

Although based in Mengo’s Emergency Department, xxxxx covers the whole hospital and spends much of his time patrolling in uniform. He provides a dedicated point of contact between the Police and hospital staff; assisting with ongoing criminal investigations (for example, where a patient has been assaulted), ensuring that vulnerable patients are safeguarded and staff are supported.

He is also available to give advice to staff, patients and visitors on preventing crime, both at home and at the hospital, with particular focus on mobile phone and boda boda security.

You can contact xxxx on 07823 553758 during regular office hours, or by email at ……..

In an emergency, always call 911.