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Mengo hospital Eye Department began in 1990. currently. Daily in the clinic eye outpatient Department receives over 320 patients, at peak periods up to 531 patients per day do visit the eye department. Over 4000 operations theater procedures are performed in a year over 50% of these are Cataract surgeries. Over the years the growth in the department has been at about 11-13% per year.

The department of ophthalmology (the eye clinic) at mengo hospital is a comprehensive medical and surgical network organized to meet all your eye care needs. We provide a full range of medical and surgical treatments for everyone in your family from neonates to Adults.

The eye department consists of primary eye care workers, advanced care team and support Department together. Who is who in the eye care team at Mengo!

Primary eye care team

Skilled with Primary Eye Care training, they are capable to Identify, diagnose and treat most of the eye conditions. They are usually the first point of contact

  1. Ophthalmic Eye care Nurses:  In primary eye care they are capable of assessing, diagnosing and management of common conditions.
  2. Ophthalmic Clinical officers: They are skilled in diagnosing and treating most of the medical conditions of the eye. They perform outreach services to the community.
  3. An Optometrist: is the one that takes care of your spectacles and contact lens care needs. They are usually diagnosing and managing most simple medical Eye conditions like conjunctivitis and refer conditions like Glaucoma. They will assess patients with binocular abnormalities, squint and Low vision patients.
  4. Orthoptist:– (Tripple trained OCO, Nurse and refraction, orthoptist) these are well trained to diagnose, assess and evaluate the following
    • binocular Abnormalities(Double Vision)
    • squint evaluation (miss aligned eyes)
    • Nystagmus evaluation
    • Follow up post-surgical nystagmus cases
    • Able to offer refractions
    • Perform non-surgical management of squint and Ambrosia
  5. Low vision therapist: Skilled team that asses, Instructs individual on the use of remaining vision with optical devices, and assistive technology. They can help determine the need for environment modifications at home, workplace or school in order to help visual impaired people to live a more productive life.
  6. Ophthalmic theater nurses are specifically trained to prepare and handle delicate instruments used in ophthalmic theaters. They assist eye surgeons in giving numbing medications and assist surgeons on operating table

Advanced care team

Working together with the primary eye care team, we have highly skilled ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors skilled and specialized in treating and caring for eyes who handle difficulty medical and surgical conditions of the eye. Comprehensive ophthalmology (general ophthalmologists)

We also have ophthalmologists who subspecialized in managing different areas of the eye all capable to do good cataract surgeries with modern techniques.

Subspecialty available

  1. Anterior Segment and cornea subspecialties
  2. Glaucoma subspecialist
  3. Retina and Vitreous subspecialists
  4. Pediatrics and strabismus (squint) subspecialist
  5. Orbit and oculoplastic
  6. Neuro ophthalmology
  • General and Private outpatient services for adults and children
  • Inpatient admission for private and general patients
  • Pharmacy
  • Optical services (eyeglasses)
  • Eye surgery
  • Laser photo coagulation
  • Yag laser
  • OCT
  • Eye drop production
  • Fundus imaging
  • Visual field testing and Analysis
  • Orthoptist (squint) clinic
  • Low vision clinic
  • Retina clinic
  • Glaucoma clinic
  • Children’s Clinic

We are proud to have partnered with CBM who have supported and enabled us reach this far.

Special thanks to mengo hospital management team and eye department management team for the support.

Out of all the clients and families who prefer and has supported the eye department to grow. We have achieved so many mild stones because of the patients. In our newly rebranded spectacle and contact lens Centre. We are proud to offer you quality, accessible and affordable spectacles and contact lens.

Quality service can only be possible with modern diagnostic and imaging facilities. In Our imaging Centre we use modern equipment to support accurate diagnosis, planning of operation and treatment of a wide variety of eye conditions.

The Clinic operates under the schedule below.

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm (only emergencies after 8:00pm)
Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm (Only emergencies after 1:00pm)
Sunday 24 hours for emergencies