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Intensive Care Unit

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We have a 24hr ICU coverage by anesthesiologists with highly skilled and adequate critical care nursing staff always, passionate about what they do.

Our Intensive care unit offers the following services

  • Paediatric intensive care
  • Neuro Critical Care
  • Advanced neuro support for patients: brain injuries, stroke, post brain tumour surgery, and end of life care for terminally ill patients
  • Perioperative management of all surgical cases
  • All acute life-threatening medical emergencies
  • Advance Respiratory support
    • Mechanical ventilation
    • Intubation
  • Advanced cardiovascular support:
    • Intra-arterial blood pressure monitoring,
    • Central venous pressure monitoring
    • Central venous catheterization
    • Post cardiac arrest care
  • Critical care Ambulance services tailored to safely transport critically ill patients to and from an Intensive Care Unit, another Hospital.