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Cherish the Gift of Sight

Med-Optics is privileged to serve Mengo Hospital as a partner organization. We uphold the values of the hospital in providing quality optical services that serve patients’ individual needs.

Med-Optics and Mengo Hospital have been in partnership since 2012 and in that time, it has been our honour to support and contribute to the growth and development of the Eye Department through management of the Optical Wing.

The Optical Wing provides optometry services for eye examinations, a wide selection of lenses and frames for patients from 3 months of age to senior adult. The service also includes an onsite optical lab & store and the services of our city centre optical laboratory which manufactures and glazes lenses.


Med-Optics provides a service that goes far beyond simply selling products. We are driven by service and this is why we invest in training Optometrists and offer a full professional eye examination. We provide candid feedback on visual health and correction, enabling patients to make informed choices about their purchases.

Because we believe information and sensitization can prevent many optical health problems, Med-Optics conducts outreaches to low-income communities, corporate clients, NGOs and also sends screening teams to schools, semi-urban and rural areas as our corporate social responsibility.

For insurance providers and hospital administration, we provide truth. This is a commodity that is not always easy to establish and we purpose to set in place and maintain robust systems to uphold accurate prescriptions, invoicing and receipts.

We ensure we are a listening organization who seek to ensure we are a catalyst for our partners’ success and our patients’ satisfaction.


In line with Mengo Hospital commitment to training and development, Med-Optics has a firm the development of eye health services in Uganda.

As a result, we have been committed to the establishment of the Bachelor of Science Optometry in partnership with Ministry of Health and Makerere University and the establishment of regulation for the practice of optometry with Allied Health Council. This has also been with the support of external partners, including Brian Holden Vision Institute and The University of New South Wales, Australia, Light for the World and Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH). These valued partners have provided expertise, instrumentation and lecturers for the fledgling Optometry department and University Hospital.

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