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Private Outpatients' Department

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Located on Sir Albert Cook building, the department offers quick, high end general and specialist services available on appointment and insurance. The POPD operates 24 hours inclusive of public holidays. The clinic was opened by the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Most Rev Henry Luke Orombi on 12th October 2012. The center targets Insurance / corporate patients as well as the general public.

Several insurance services are available.

The Clinic consists of:

  • A General reception,
  • VIP Lounge,
  • 3 Adult consultation rooms,
  • 2 Pediatric consultation rooms,
  • A triage area,
  • 2 treatment rooms,
  • 1 Observation room,
  • Cash office,
  • Pharmacy and Area Manager’s office.

The facility offers quick, customer friendly service in professional diagnosis, management, and treatment of medical, surgical, gynecological, and obstetric conditions for adults and children at a one stop center. Services provided include.

  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Laboratory services
  • Emergency care
  • Nutritional advice
  • X Rays, Ultrasound and CT scan
  • A well-stocked Pharmacy
  • Preschool/institutional medical checkups

It also offers a wellness clinic where clients are seen, their potential illnesses identified and managed before they manifest and cause bigger health hazards.

The specialist clinics available on appointment include:


  MONDAY                                 Paediatrics 10am
Surgery 9am- 2pm
Obs/Gyn 8am – 5pm
Physician 11am – 4pm
  TUESDAY Paediatrics 9am – 3pm
Obs/Gyn 8am – 5pm
Physician 11am – 4pm
Plastic surgery 10am -1pm
  WEDNESDAY Paediatrics 9am – 3pm
Orthopaedics 9am – 1pm
Physician 11am – 5pm
ENT 2:30pm – 4pm
Dermatology 2pm – 4pm
surgery 3pm – 5pm
Obs/Gyn 8am – 5pm
  THURSDAY Paediatrics 11am – 4pm
Physician 11am – 4pm
Urology 3pm – 6pm
Counselling 1pm – 4pm
Obs/Gyn 8am – 5pm
  FRIDAY Physician 11am – 4pm
Paediatrics 10am – 1pm
Orthopaedics 2Pm – 4pm
Obs/Gyn 8am – 5pm
  SATURDAY ENT 9am – 2pm
Dermatology 9am – 2pm
Obs/Gyn 9am – 4pm
Neurosurgery 11am – 1pm
Paediatrics 11am – 4pm
SUNDAY Obs/Gyn 10am – 1pm

Private Outpatients ‘Department direct telephone contact: 0312307135.