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School of Medical Laboratory Training

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The school of medical laboratory training started 1991 when Dr. Ray Wood and his Colleagues started training students who would help them in some Laboratory services. This later developed into a Modernized Training School which awards both Certificates and Diplomas in Medical Laboratory Technology and preparation for a Degree Programme are on.

With a well-equipped environment (Computer Lab and Laboratory) and professional Staff, Mengo Training School has managed to keep a high profile for Training Quality and hardworking Professionals with a good attitude.

Our programs target both Local and International Students from all regions. Annually, we admit 60 students for Certificate and 50 for a Diploma.

A certificate in Medical Laboratory Technicians is for 2 years and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technologists is for 3 years.

Entry Requirements

  • Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • O’ Level Pass Slip with at least 5 passes in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Agriculture/Health Science.
  • Handwritten Application Letter.
  • Photocopy of the result slip
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technologists

Mature Entry

  • Certificate in Medical Laboratory
  • Two years working experience
  • Hand written application letter
  • Photocopy of the Result Slip

Direct Entry

  • A’ Level Pass slip with a Principal pass in Biology
  • Hand written Application Letter
  • Photo copy of the Result slip

We have both Residents and Non Residents and Non Residents.