Ten-year strategic Plan

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November 4, 2014
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November 16, 2016

Ten-year strategic Plan

Mengo Hospital Management is compiling a Ten- Year Strategic Plan to guide the hospital operations in the coming ten years. Eight strategic Directions have been identified, from which goals and activities will be developed:

Strategic Direction One:
Promoting Christian Witness and Evangelism through health services and medical education
Strategic Direction Two:
Improving the quality of client management, and strengthening the wellness and community health programmes that will lead to holistic health care provision and client satisfaction
Strategic Direction Three:
Strengthening medical education and research programmes to produce well-trained medical professionals
Strategic Direction Four:
Strengthening Mengo Hospital’s governance and management systems and practices for high performance and achievement of goals
Strategic Direction Five:
Planning, attracting, developing and maintaining a productive workforce that will meet the goals of Mengo Hospital
Strategic Direction Six:
Strengthening Mengo Hospital capacity for financial resource mobilization and financial management so as to enhance organizational sustainability
Strategic Direction Seven
Scaling up administrative support services; accelerating infrastructural rehabilitation and development; and improving the management of physical assets; to provide a conducive healing, learning and working environment
Strategic Direction Eight:
Accelerating the development, management and use of ICT and Records to enhance modern service delivery


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